thanks for asking a question, it makes us feel alive!

Though we like to think we will answer instantly, the reality is we might not just be able to do so. With a small company like ours at any given moment we can be overwhelmed with things to do. If an order comes in for us, it often means that someones order (maybe yours) is now ready to go out. Or we’re packing orders ... the hour before 4 PM PST is often a frenzy as we try to get the last minute orders completed before UPS shows up.

So, if you have a time critical question, or a change to your order like address change or a change in quantity, please call us to ensure that we know about your needs. Monday thru Friday 10 to 5 PST at 800-596-0885.

If it’s a question about anything that isn’t time critical, we’ll answer it as soon as we can! Thanks for spending time with us! Without you we couldn’t exist and be sure to let your friends know we are here at

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