We have been very lucky that over the last 25 years we have worked with some truly wonderful food people. Those people come in all shapes and sizes. And they all come with friends and family that make it possible to make great food. Food, even small food companies, are often much bigger than one person at the helm. Like Producers and Chef's Pantries, Women in Business of food are a category unto itself. It started with June Taylor who we met and worked with from the very beginning. And the rest is history. Keep in mind, like everything we carry, it is food first (taste, quality, simple, value), everything else is a bonus! 

I really enjoy the ChefShop Newsletter. I find myself usually un-subscribing to most company e-mails but I always find something interesting and appealing with the ChefShop nice layout, interesting visuals & most importantly is the obvious creativity that goes into each feature, thanks for caring.

— William