If you are not familiar with Yotam Ottolenghi's many prize-winning cookbooks (Jerusalem, Simple, Plenty More, Plenty, Nopi, Sweet .. the list goes on...), you should be.  I have yet to make anything from of one of his cookbooks that is not only outstanding in terms of flavor, but beautiful to look at. The only issue is that many of his recipes have an intimidatingly long list of exotic and hard-to-find ingredients. Well ... turns out we can help with that.

I have placed the "Top 10 SIMPLE" Yotam Ottolenghi ingredients at the top, but then I just literally went through Jerusalem and Plenty More page by page and started adding everything we have. [Note: I decided not to put in products that are more general, like olive oil, sea salt (unless he is specific), raw honey or wine vinegar - but feel free to peruse those aisles separately to find your favorite.] If we are missing anything, feel free to let us know.

Thanks for making my day a little more enjoyable.