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  • Casa del Grano Malloreddus Pasta with Saffron


Casa del Grano Maloreddus Pasta with Saffron

500 gram bag - Sardinia, Italy

Casa del Grano Malloreddus Pasta with Saffron

Malloreddus is a small pasta shape from Sardinia. Made with water and semolina flour in plain or saffron dough. The name has Latin origins from “malleoulus” meaning small morsel. Or it is also believed the origins of the name comes from the word malloru, meaning bull, and that malloreddus means calves, and the shape is like the calf of a leg.

No matter, this saffron-infused pasta is traditionally hand made in homes by taking small rolled dough in 15 cm pieces and pressing and rolling it against the bottom of a basket made of wicker. This method gives the exterior ribbed look while being pressed by the thumb and as it is pressed it is rolled into its shape.

This shape, sometimes referred to as “gnocchi” in Italian and “cigiones” in Sassari. There are many dishes you can make with this shape. Robust, simple, full are how they all sound.

Think olive oil, bacon, peas, Parmigiano-Reggiano, fennel, sausage, tomatoes, garlic, basil, saffron, etc. Any of these ingredients can make a wonderful dish!

With a little bounce in the bite, a space to hold flavor and an exterior that grabs the sauce. What more could you want in a pasta shape? And one with a history and full of tradition!