Pierantonio Sgambaro, Chainman of Sgambaro, is determined to make a difference. One of the very first to talk about the importance of "grown in italy" wheat, his mission has expanded since their inception. For over 20 years we have been building trusting relationships with the best Italian farmers. This ensures that, beyond national and international fluctuations in price and availability of wheat, that they have direct control of their supply chains and they ensure their duram wheat is 100% Italian grown, and always of an excellent quality. In 2003 we were the first company in Italy to obtain the “100% Italian Durum Wheat” and “zero km” certifications.

But Sgambaro goes even further. Every year they measure the environmental impact of each of their Italian-made pasta packs through the LCA  (Life Cycle Assessment) approach: the analysis of a product's life cycle - from the field to the table. This allows them to assess the amount of carbon dioxide released by their supply chains so they can work to deliver the earth more oxygen than the amount we use, and off-set their carbon foot-print.  Their analyses show that their Yellow Label line specifically is one of the pastas with the best environmental sustainability performances in Italy, as certified by the important EPD international brand (Environmental Product Declaration), verified by CSQA. From Chaiman Sgambaro: "Our sustainable economy model envisages a detailed plan to capture and store more carbon dioxide compared to the quantity emitted during our pasta’s life cycle."

But there is more ... The grain of their Sgambaro Molino E Pastificio Pasta is made from wheat that is grown in fields located next to their mill, mainly from Central Italy, and partly from Apulia, and they store it in their own silos in Cerignola. In that way they avoid long transport line, long storage times, grind it onsite and process it into pasta on the same premises. In this way they can guarantee the freshness of their flours and drastically reduce the impact of transport on the environment.

But wait ... there is more .... Their sustainability pledge goes even further. Their production facilities are powered mainly with energy from sustainable sources. They have invested significant resourced into the efficiency of their machinery; the new technologies make it possible for them to obtain better results while progressively reducing consumption and emissions. And, by 2030, all company cars will be 100% electric and, also thanks to new forms of remote working, 100% of our personnel’s home-work mobility will be sustainable.

Bottom line? From the beginning, Pierantonio Sgambaro has been focused on making Sgambaro Molino E Pastificio Pasta the best, highest-quality, and tastiest Italian-made pasta on the market.  And I'd say he's doing a damn good job! His Bogli Nobili pasta is, bar none, the best tasting pasta on the market - IMHO.  And his Yellow Label pasta is only one small step behind.

I’ll never be a cook, but I look forward to your newsletter every week and dream. Thank you!