Seattle-based entrepreneur, Jillu Zavieri, founded Jaipur Avenue after returning from a trip with a friend where they prepared a very authentic tasting chai from a packet – not from scratch.  It was that moment, while relaxing after a long hot day on safari, that the idea of making and importing such an easy yet authentic tasting chai product was born.  After many tweaks – mostly around the sugar content – Jaipur Avenue was launched.  Jillu now has six different flavors of Indian Chai tea under her brand, including Original (Marsala), Saffron, Lemongrass, Ginger, Vanilla and Cardamom.  All are unique, and all are delish.  Jaipur Avenue Chai from India is made with less sugar than many of the commercially available or pre-made chai.

Also a great summer treat! Iced chai is a lot like Thai Iced Tea. Just add a few ounces of hot water to a packet of chai mix (just enough to desolve the mix completely), add whole milk to make 8 oz of liquid, pour liquid over a tall glass of ice, and top with some heavy cream. So refreshing.

You are such a great writer. You should consider writing books. I so thoroughly enjoy reading your Saturday emails.