• Gift Certificate
This is available
Gift Certificate for any amount you choose. (emailing as long as possible, no promises at this point though)

Choose the amount in $25 increments by changing the quantity number and we take care of the rest. Questions? Call us during our shop hours @ 800-596-0885. 

Important information
You can order a Gift Certificate 24 hours a day, 363 days a year.

We will email the "certificate" along with the secret access code to you to deliver or to the food lover in your life via a PDF.

Make sure to include the email address to where you want it sent. To yourself to forward on, or directly to the recipient.

More detailed information is always better.

Be sure to include the Where do you want it to go, be sure to give us the email address, and for Whom is this for. We will need the name to fill in or you can do it yourself.

Even when is good for us to know or at least let us know if you are trying to hit a date, like a birthday. More information is always better!

Please place all the information in the "shipping instructions" or the "note" box when checking out. With no specific additional information, we will ship it to the email address we have on file for you.

Make sure to use your email address you access in the day, at night and on the weekends!

Sales pitch

Can't decide? This is the best alternative for the food lover in your life.

Giving the gift of food in certificate form shows you trust the recipient and their cooking ways. And, we know every cook appreciates the vote of delish'iss'niss of a job well done!

Have a ChefShop fan you know? This is a great way to let them pick the anchovies that you would never eat, but they covet!

Don't make the decision, let them!

Nothing like a little cash to let them add to their stash.

You can enter any amount above $25 for a gift certificate.

More important information:

We will charge your card as soon as it is processed. Let your gift recipient know that you have done this. If they are an existing customer, we can apply the amount to their account. If they are not, they will need to register online, with their email and phone information, in order to place their order online.

They can also redeem the coupon the old fashioned way -- by talking to us on the phone. We are always happy to take phone orders.

Not redeemable for cash. Balance is maintained until used.