Similar to our popular in-store cooking classes, except that a professionally-trained @HOME Chef will come to your house to conduct a 1.5-2 hour cooking class for you and 10-15 of your friends, all in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Available classes listed below. So, give us a call to arrange your very own private cooking class today.

WHAT'S INCLUDED with your @HOME Cooking Class:

1. A professionally-trained @ Home Chef Instructor will show up at your door*. Not only will they bring all the required ingredients - including all fresh and pantry items needed to complete 3-4 fabulous recipes for you and your closest foodie friends - but they will also conduct a private cooking class and show you how to recreate the recipes all in your very own kitchen. You only need worry about what liquid refreshments to serve your guests; the Chef Instructor will take care of everything else. (Although, he Chef Instructor would be happy to provide a list of recommended wines or mixed-drink recipe to serve before or during class.)

2. All ingredients necessary to conduct the class. 
All pantry ingredients, as well as fresh ingredients, needed to complete the recipes taught in the class. (Approx. $100 - $150 value, depending on the class.)

3. Guests will receive copies of all the recipes prepared during class.

How do I sign up for an @HOME class?

You have two options: 1. You can simply order a class online from the selection listed below, and our @HOME Chef will contact you directly to schedule a mutually-agreeable date and time. Or, 2. Give us a call (206.286.9988), let us you're interested in having an @HOME cooking class, what dates you are looking at (ideally, you would give us more than one option), and we'll put you in contact with an @HOME Chef - usually via email - to work out the details.

*@HOME Cooking Classes currently available in the Seattle area only.

** Home kitchen must be big enough to accommodate all guests comfortably.

*** Menus listed within each class listed below are guidelines only. Final recipes may vary depending on the season, what's available at the local grocery store, and at the discretion of the chef.

I must compliment you on your very interesting, readable and informative newsletters.  They are truly a delight to read.