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Dried Arikara Beans - Willowood Farm - 1 pound - Whidbey Island, WA

Arikara Yellow Beans
Garden Treasure Farms grows a bean
A rare heirloom bean from the Dakota Arikara tribe, known to feed Lewis and Clark on their westward journey.

Arikara people are now a North Dakota Tribe after their population was devastated by smallpox in the 18th century. Previously, centuries ago they were a semi-nomadic tribe living in the Great Plains and were primarily an agricultural society. Having crops including corn, squash, watermelon, pumpkins and Arikara Yellow beans.

It is commonly believed that these yellow beans moved with Lewis and Clark across the lands to the west.

Georgie of Willowood Farms, who grows my favorite bean of all time, the Rockwell Bean, brings her Arikara Yellow Bean to you. She says that is it a good "cassoulet" bean because it holds its shape when baked. Try her Braised Arikara Beans with Rosemary & Vinegar Recipe. I am hoping to have made it before we publish!