We offer FRESH, never frozen, wild salmon - mostly from Alaska. Everyone's heard about the great health benefits of wild salmon: high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, low in mercury - it's a true superfood. But what about how it gets to your local supermarket - and how transit time, handling and freezing impact flavor and quality?

To ensure that you get the freshest possible fish, we only buy from the best. Our fresh wild caught fish is placed on ice as soon as it's caught. Then, it's taken to the airport, put on an airplane, and overnighted to Seattle - where it is filleted and then brought straight to us.

When you buy fresh fish online, every side of the Salmon is carefully inspected, packed on ice, and shipped overnight to you. The only way you could have fresher fish would be to be onshore when the boat comes in! No doubt, this salmon is a luxury - but it's so much fresher than what you get at most grocery stores...and the difference in taste is amazing!

TIP: Hankering for that great grilled flavor but don't have a grill? Sprinkle a little of our Northwest Alderwood smoked sea salt with a drizzle of fresh olive oil on the salmon before you bake it -- yum!

See the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program to learn about choosing sustainably when buying fresh wild caught fish. 

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