Andrea from Acetaia San Giacomo is a perfectionist in everything he does. And his gourmet Balsamic Vinegar is special. Acetaia of Ancient San Giacomo has a battery of barrels.

Andrea now has the three certifications of Traditionale, Red for minimum 12 years of aging, Silver for 18 years aging and Gold for 25 years of aging.

About the Condimento

Unlike with his Tradizionales, Andrea is not limited by specific rules and regulations. He has handcrafted this gourmet balsamic vinegar based on his intimate knowledge of the flavor profile of his batteries and his desire to create a specific flavor and texture.

About Balsamic Vinegar: Tradizionale or Condimento?

True balsamic vinegar - aceto balsamico tradizionale - is produced only in two districts of Italy: Modena and Reggio Emilia. Like wine, it bears a seal certifying its authenticity. Condimento balsamico is the term for a balsamic vinegar that does not meet these standards - either it is produced elsewhere or it is not certified, a process which requires adheres to established rules. Condimento,however, can be of excellent quality, made by the same basic methods as the tradizionale.

In Italy, some makers of tradizionale balsamic make condimento as well. This is the case with the Acetaia San Giacomo.

Learn more about the Solera balsamic making process: CLICK HERE

With the exception of the silver and gold seals, all of Andrea's products are now USDA certified organic.

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