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  • Katz Late Harvest Viognier Honey Vinegar
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Katz Late Harvest Viognier Honey Vinegar

375 ml
- Napa Valley

A few years ago, Albert set off on a course to make a mead vinegar, combined with one of the many wine options available to him in the Napa Valley. As a chef, he loves to use honey, an ingredient that he passionately uses in his dishes.

After almost two years, and many trials and tribulations, he decided to experiment and switch to a wine originally from the Rhoné Region but which is now grow in California and Oregon. It was this switch that changed the course of time, or at least it changed Albert's thoughts of how to create this perfect Honey Vinegar.

Starting with Late Harvest Viognier, which is often described as fruity, flowery and even honey-like, it was a brilliant revelation and ultimately the great combination that made this match heavenly. No longer a mead-based vinegar, it is now a vinegar with honey. The honey is added into the vinegar at a later stage in the vinegar-making process.

In January of this year, when I visited with Albert and Kim, I got the first taste of this amazingly perfect vinegar; full of sweetness, sharpness, and combined with the ever-so-vibrant nuances that the honey has created within it. A vinegar that tests the imagination, inspiring thoughts of chicken, garbanzo salads, and as a way to deglaze a pan of princely perfect scallops. It was love at first sip!

If you don't know what to do with vinegar, this is one that will inspire you and help you understand the joys of both vinegar and honey as two perfect ingredients. Add this wonderful vinegar to your pantry as part of your kitchen repertoire!

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