Seattle-based entrepreneur, Jillu Zavieri, founded Jaipur Avenue after returning from a trip with a friend where they prepared a very authentic tasting chai from a packet – not from scratch.  It was that moment, while relaxing after a long hot day on safari, that the idea of making and importing such an easy yet authentic tasting chai product was born.  After many tweaks – mostly around the sugar content – Jaipur Avenue was launched. 

Jillu now produces six different flavors of Chai under her brand, including Original (Masala), Saffron, Lemongrass, Ginger, Vanilla and Cardamom - as well as a less sweet Masala.  All are unique, and all are delish.  Made with less sugar than many of the commercially available or pre-made chai, they don’t make your teeth ache from the sweetness – which is a good thing! Each box contains 8 individual packets, already to just mix with hot water or hot milk – your preference. I, personally, always make it either with milk or hot cream or half-and-half – because I like my chai extra milky.  But it’s up to you - because it's YOUR chai!

Thanks for making these marvelous cherries available again! Thank you!