Most of us have heard about the health benefits of Anchovies -- high in EPA and DHA fatty acids. So, if you are going to eat anchovies -- why not eat the best tasting, most flavorful salt packed anchovies you can find? 

We carry anchovies packed in both salt and olive oil from Italy and Spain. The three brands we have come to rely on, based both on customer feedback, and on knowledge and information about how the anchovies are harvested and processed. They are: Recca and Scalia from Sicily, and Ortiz from Spain. Three of the best in the anchovy business.

Most of the canned anchovies are packed with the bones in and sometimes with the head still on. But don't worry, the anchovies are very easy to clean. Besides, bones left in means less handling of the fish before they go into the can (so less chance to spoil), and more calcium for you. Just remember to clean them before you eat them! 

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