Hard-to-find ingredients for baking is what we seek. We carry edible baking decorations such as natural colored sugars, candied violet petals, gelatin sheets and real chocolate sprinkles. Whether you are decorating or topping cakes (sparking sugar, color sugars, candied violets and candied rose petals), making mashmellows (gelatin sheets), or just baking for your children (natural food colorings and real chocolate sprinkles), we may have what you are looking for. And we are constantly hunting and gathering for those hard-to-find cake decorations that are available from our commercial suppliers but are not available in your local grocers. If you are seeking an edible baking decoration that you cannot find let us know. We just might be able to add it to our pantry! Please email us and tell us what cake decoration you are looking for!

I always look forward to your emails.