Whole Wheel Tomme Brulee Cheese

This amazing natural rind sheep's milk cheese is made by Peio Etxeleku in the Basque country of France.  Tomme Brulee was born generations ago at the foot of Mont Baigura, located in the green heart of the Basque region.  The milk is from local breeds of ewe that have roamed these mountains for thousands of years: Basco Bearnaise, Manche tet rousse (red head), and Manech tet noire (black head).


As the cheese matures in the cave for 3-4 months, the rind becomes thinker and harder (but not as thick or hard as parmigiano-reggiano), and the flavors of the cheese become stronger with sweet, fudgy and nutty accents. The texture of the ivory cheese in incredibly smooth and silky, perfect for melting or just enjoying.


Near the end of maturation, the surface of the rind is burnt with a tourch (like a fine Creme Brulee), giving the cheese complex and slightly smoky notes, and gives you ever more reasons to find ways to use the rind - once you have eaten all the silken inner cheese.


Affineur:Pascal Beillevaire

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