Handmade Craft (Bean-to-Bar) Chocolate Bar Premium

Craft chocolate bars are chocolates that are handmade, starting with raw cacao beans (which are sourced transparently and ethically), all the way to the finished product. They are made on a very small scale. Craft chocolate is also referred to as "bean-to-bar" or "micro-batch" chocolate. The emphasis is on developing and complementing the unique flavor of the individual beans, many of which are sourced from a single plantation (known as "single-origin" chocolate), located within the chocolate growing regions of the world.

Below is our ever-growing collection of craft chocolate bars featuring award-winning chocolate makers from all over the world. To learn more about each chocolate maker or view each maker's specific collection, click on the following links to go directly to the producer page: Argencove (Nicaragua); Karuna Chocolate (Italy); Kasama Chocolate (Vancouver, Canada); MISSION Chocolate (Brazil); Moku Chocolate (Portland, OR); SOMA chocolatemakee (Toronto, Canada)Stongrindz (Scottsdale, AZ); White Label Chocolate (Santa Cruz, CA).

Hi! Thank you so much! I am very excited to make some magic with this koji! thank you.