Welcome to our small, but growing, selection of small-batch, bean to bar (craft) chocolate from outstanding chocolate artisans worldwide. With help from a few friends, we continue to search for the very best chocolate bars from craft chocolate makers. To learn more about each chocolate artist and to see their individual offerings, click on the following links. They are truly worth knowing as each is dedicated to the chocolate-making craft using only the highest-quality, fair-trade and transparently-sourced beans: Pete McFadyen (Argencove - Fine Artisan Chocolate); Shawn Askinosie (Askinosie Chocolate); Acelia Gallardo (Mission Chocolate); Maureen Nikaido (Moku Chocolate); David Castellan and Cynthia Leung (SOMA chocolatemaker); Kasey Mccaslin & Steven Shipler (Stone Grindz Chocolate); Stephen Beaumier (White Label Chocolate)

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