Are you a private chef?  If yes, then's Private Chef Network might be just what you need. Designed specifically to service the needs of private and executive chefs, the network gives you access to products we don't normally carry on our regular site, items with limited availability, or produce sizes that are just too big for the average home cook but just might be the perfect size for you and your client.

The Private Chef Network also offers special discounts for larger and bulk quantities and monthly volumes - and sometimes just for being in our network - and commissions for those that become official affiliates. Or discounts for those associated with a restaurant. The goal is to provide easy access to some of the best foods and flavors in the world - and make it worth your while!

Having a party, need something special, or can't find something?'s Private Chef Network also gives you direct access to Eliza, owner of You'll have her direct contact information so you can put her on your "speed dial" and easily let her know what you want, need or are simply looking for.  She will then comb through her extensive product source network to try to find it for you - or at least she'll do her best. It's all about personal service!

Want to place an order by email, instead?  No problem. If we know who you are, Eliza is happy to take your order over email, text, or whenever avenue is convenient for you - saves you cruising around the site and having to fill up your own shopping cart which, let's face it, is time consuming - especially when you know already what you need or have ordered before. We can even hold your hold your credit card on file, so you don't have to even pull out your wallet every time you order. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Interested?  Email or call ChefShop at 206-286-9988 and give us your name, phone number and email address - and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If emailing, please put "Chef Network" in the subject line.  Eliza will get back to you about the program and explain the program requirements and options in detail. Our goal is to get you signed up as quickly as possible, and get you rolling into the network quickly so you can start reaping the benefits. The is no cost to be in our program - only benefit. Call or email us today!

Today's Featured Items:

Thank you. Especially for Alford oatmeal. So pleased they are back!!!!!!