The history of panettone goes way back to ancient times in northern Italy, around Milano. But honestly, who cares about history? Panettone is like heaven to the mouth if you select your cake correctly. What you are looking for is buttery, slightly sweet, tender "bread," not a dry piece of cake that you must grab for a glass of water just to get past the first step of your ingestion. And to get that, you need butter – and lots of it. The difference between the cheap commercial stuff you see everywhere and the panettone we sell is butter, the quality of the other ingredients (like candied orange peel and chocolate), the age of the yeast, and craftsmanship. It takes time and intention to make a heavenly loaf, and our makers have that in spades. Check out our selection of 30-plus cakes below – all packaged beautifully for a ready-made gift during the holiday season.
Panettone is a seasonal item. Our Panettone Christmas cakes are normally available for pre-order starting in late September/early October every year.
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Note about packaging: Packaging often changes from year to year. Photographs are updated as soon as product arrives in the fall. 

Omg!!!! The most delicious cherries you have EVER sent!!!!