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  • La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamico e Frutti di Bosco


La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamico e Frutti di Bosco (Forest Berries)

100 ml (3.38 oz) - Modena, Italy

The La Vecchia Dispensa Berry Vinegar is a melange of wild berry flavors. This balsamic vinegar for sale is sweet but not cloying, making it good for decorating a lovely platter of roasted potatoes, drizzling over sautéed mushrooms, dolloping onto a fresh slice of mozzarella perched on bruschetta, or for saucing up some herbed grilled chicken or garlicky shrimp.

It's the perfect choice for the uber-cool new cocktail: the balsamic vinegar martini! It's a martini made with the usual suspects (vodka or gin with dry vermouth) plus a sinker of the sweet stuff... Ta-da! Yours is the best minibar in town.

Made with 30th Anniversary Balsamic Vinegar and wild berry juice. Aged in oak casks.