About Pasticheria Albertengo - Torre San Giorgio, Italy

It was early 1900 and in a small town in the Province of Cuneo, at the foot of Monte Viso, there was a humble bakery where bread was made daily, with a golden, crispy and tasty crust.

The production rates remained unchanged for years until one day, with the changing of times and the evolution of things, it was decided to try using sourdough (it was already used for bread) in the production of cakes.

It was right in that time that the "Panettone Albertengo" was made for the first time. So, in addition to the traditional fragrance of bread, the delicate scent of sweet and tasty cakes could be smelt from far away... Italian Panettone bread was born!

Every family has a story to tell. The Albertengo Family is no exception, which started in an ancient bakery in Torre San Giorgio, in the province of Cuneo. In the late 19th Century, in this small town at the foot of mount Monviso, the Albertengo bakers churned out crispy and fragrant bread for all the local people. The secrets and the art of baking were handed down from generation to generation until the 50s, when the Italian economic miracle took place. In this prosperous moment, Domenico Albertengo and his wife Caterina had a far-sighted intuition. The consumers’ needs were increasing because of the well-being in our Country, the Italians wanted to allow themselves a cake which is unique and traditional at the same time. This is how the first “Panettone Albertengo” was born.

What makes a good Albertengo Panettone (or Colomba) good?
The keys to a quality Colomba or Panettone loaf are three-fold. First, the quality and history of the Mother's yeast, the strain of yeast which has been favoured for years and which is renewed each day. It adapts to the environments in which we allow it to live and breathe. Yeast, therefore, as the fruit of experience.

Second, the quality of the raw materials. Albertengo Panettone uses only the best flour, sugar, eggs, butter, candied fruit and raisins.  
Third, the process and the years of expertise in making Panettone and Colomba. From the first mixing, to the moulding, to the baking to the cookling, Albertengo has the knowledge and expereince to produce the consistently excellend product every time.

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