Drinking chocolate is rich, decadent and can be presented as a drinkable dessert. Chocolate in any form is good, but a drinkable chocolate is a cup of comforting indulgence. Drinking chocolate is made with real chocolate, whereas hot chocolate is made with cocoa powder. Although, in this country, we are more fexible in how we use our terms.

Always a favorite in the winter time, drinking chocolate (or hot cocoa, or hot chocolate) just can't be beat. All our drinking chocolates are meant to be made with milk.  Of course, the higher the fat content of the milk, the better the hot chocolate. Frankly, there is little better than a small cup of drinking chocolate made 100% with half and half, because I'd rather have a small cup of somthing rich and delicious and creamy, than a large cup of chocolate water - if you know what I mean.  Or, you can always make your own; check out the gourmet hot chocolate recipe on the Chef Shop Cocoa page. And remember, the better the milk and chocolate, the better the outcome. Cheers!

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