I just wanted to say I love making dark chocolate with your cocoa powder. It works so well. Thank you!

We at ChefShop are committed to finding and offering the best rare ingredients in the world. Our small batch products are made by personally selected local and international artisans, dedicated to preserving and sometimes reinventing food traditions!

Sudachi Syrup - A citrus the size of a golf ball that packs a flavorful punch!

The first sip is so delightful. It's a combination of familiarity—tastes a bit like lime, a bit like mandarin, a bit like yuzu, but with less acidity—and something totally new. Once you get past the citrus flavor, you experience a wonderfully balanced sweet-and-sour taste.

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Petrizzelli Cortina Olive Oil from Puglia - Monocultivar Coratina olive!

To the nose, this olive oil has some punch. You can tell with just a whiff that it's going to have great flavor. The first spoonful reveals the oil to be light and fluffy. It dissipates quickly on the tongue and in the mouth. And then, almost as if it misses the middle of the mouth, it goes right back to the top of your throat, spicy and kicky, inciting a good cough.

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La Trinquelinette Apricot Jam

This jam is by all standards, amazing! It tastes like fresh apricots, though never sharp or sour, it is a spoonful of a sweet treat. 

The flavor of apricot, the way a freshly bitten fruit would be, is all there, swelling like a balloon rising, the smoothness of the flavor envelops all the senses, with the right cheek filling more than the left and then the tongue feels the weight of the flavor. And then suddenly you realize the physical being is gone, and all you are tasting is the memory!

Salt and Pepper Toasted Corn

The Salt and Pepper Toasted Corn Nuts are not just plain with pepper. They instead deliver a punchy peppery pow that adds a third dimension to the salt, oil, and corn.

What you will find, just like the other two flavors, is some kind of “special sauce” – aka technique – that makes the seasonings stick to the corn so that each and every kernel is flavored with just the right amount of magic.

Lummi Island Wild Ventresca Tuna

My new favorite tuna to eat straight out of the can.

Ventresca, is from the Italian word for belly, ventre. Ventresca tuna is considered to be the best canned tuna you can find. And this can does not disappoint!

This tuna is soft supple delicious, crazy good, gentle, flavorful, and amazing! Did I say crazy good?

Zaru Soba Buckwheat Noodles with Yam

Buckwheat soba noodles are one of Japan's best-loved foods. They are so popular that certain restaurants have nothing but these noodles on their menus.

These delicious noodles take just minutes to prepare in hot water and have a distinctive nutty flavor that teams well with cold dashi broth, scallions, sesame oil and bean sprouts. This common preparation can also be embellished with shitake, pork, vegetables and tempura.

Florian Candied Cherries

Florian Cherries made from premium quality fruit and no coating is used after the candying process so that optimum moist texture and natural fruit crunch are achieved.

These gorgeous candied red cherries are packaged immediately to retain their full flavor. They are of the Bigarreaux variety, and these baking cherries are perfect for a whole host of applications.

Very excited to try your wonderful traditional foods.

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Thanks for the beautiful, sweet and most delicious cherries. This is the first time I ordered the sweetheart. I am very pleased and not disappointed. All of the cherries I ordered; Latin, bing and sweetheart were so good, I am looking forward for next year’s Season. Will be a larger order next year. Can not get enough. All the cherries are packed Beautifully. Not one is bruise or spoiled. Excellent job

— Shirley 

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About ChefShop

At Chefshop.com we search the world to find the best of the best, from Baking Chocolate to Estate Grown first press Extra Virgin Olive Oils. We search the world to find and source hard-to-find foods created by family owned producers, like ourselves, to share with you.


We taste test, cook test and eat everything we sell.

We at ChefShop are committed to finding and offering only the best ingredients from around the world. We personally select foods made by local and international artisans who are dedicated to preserving and creating food traditions.

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Lummi Island Wild Albacore Tuna Wild-Caught Canned Tuna From the Northwest

I want to tell you a wonderful fish story. It started with a trip out-of-state and ended with meeting a neighbor I hadn’t met before. Funny how that works some time. Not exactly a next door neighbor, but a neighbor to the north by about 90 minutes as the car drives…

This was hands-down one of the best canned tunas I’ve ever had— *****

"and it’s not even oil-packed! I was expecting dry and dense, as water-packed tuna often is. This was so flavorful, moist and delicious on its own that I had it straight from the can, with just a small blast of lemon juice. It easily rivals any of the fancy Italian and Spanish olive oil-packed tuna brands. It’s the perfect tuna to build a Salade Niçoise around!!!"
-- Tina - James Beard Foundation's Editor of the Year award -Food & Wine Magazine

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"Your newsletter is very dangerous, because it makes me want to try everything" - Dee

La Trinquelinette Apricot Jam French Apricot Jam
Sometimes unrequited love is worth it!


"I’ve always been a “strawberry” flavor loyalist. My father used to love apricot jam....I decided after visiting Paris in 2019(thank goodness we went when we did) I’d give this apricot jam a try. Far and away the best quality and flavor....went back to reorder and was too late. Sold out. Says it all right? I used it first on a fresh baked lemon ginger scone from a local Seattle area bakery. Have it on pre-order now. ❤️!"     
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Kishibori Shoyu - Soy Sauce Kishibori Shoyu
Kishibori Shoyu is manufactured by Takesan Company. Takesan was established in early 20th century by Yoshiji Takebe.

Kishibori is located on the small island of Shodoshima in the Seto Inland Sea. 1 of only 14 artisan brewers, the Shodoshima Island-based family-run shoyu brewers are featured in the Netflix series "SALT FAT ACID HEAT".


"I so enjoyed the series "Salt Fat Acid Heat", so when I saw that ChefShop carried this, I decided to try it. WOW! I was blown away by the taste and smell of what no-kidding real soyu. I used a small daub on my bean soup, a splash in my sautéed greens--it has such a bright umami taste--you can use this for any dish that you want to add a more complicated salty flavor. Really yummy!"
-- alice

Worth every cent

"This is by far the best soy sauce ever. Regular grocery store sauces taste like an entirely different product. Kishibori is rich, complex, and full of that elusive umami flavor. Highly recommend!"
-- pamela

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"I love stopping in the store, but am glad there is delivery available right now!"

Baking Ingredients Baking
All the things you might want for baking

High-quality and hard-to-find specialty baking ingredients are all here for you to discover.

From high cocoa butter content couverture chocolates (like Valhrona and Felchlin) and Cocoa Powders, to organically-grown vanilla extracts, paste and powder, specialty sugars, hard-to-find flours, and baking ingredients from professional kitchens.

Looking for something we don't have in our online baking ingredients store? Give us a call and let us know and we will seek it out for you.

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Chesnok Red Organic Hard-neck Garlic Chesnok Red
Organic Hard-neck Garlic

There are over 300 varieties of hardneck and softneck garlic grown in the world. In grocery stores today, softneck is the most common. It lasts a long time and travels well, which is why much of the garlic sold everywhere is softneck.

Hardneck garlic is more akin to wild garlic, and with that there is more garlic flavor, different flavors, spicy hot flavors. Altogether hardneck is lovely garlic.

There are many subspecies of hardneck garlic. The five main varieties we sell include: Rocambole, Purple Stripe and Porcelain.

Hardneck garlic is easy to peel, often with giant cloves. This garlic is the best!
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"Whomever writes the newsletter is wicked - too many temptations!" - Mary

Cold Mountain Dry Rice Koji Cold Mountain Dry Rice Koji the secret ingredient!

Easy to use with incredible results

"After hearing about Shio Koji, a lot, it was time to give it a try. With Cold Mountain Koji it was as simple as adding the Koji rice, some water and salt. After 10 days +1 it was ready. Since then I have tried it on and in just about everything. Fish, meats, vegetables, anywhere I would normally add a dash of salt, including on my eggs. The effect has ranged from subtle to profound. This is my new secret ingredient. Combine it with a good soy sauce for even more effect in stir fry or fried rice. Marinate meats before grinding them into sausage or even in burgers. The possibilities are many. If you are into fermenting then definitely give this a try. You will be back for seconds..."
-- alan

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Chateau Virant AOC Olive Oil Chateau Virant AOC Olive Oil Amazing Gold Medal Award Winning French Olive Oil!

To the nose it is wild, full of olive, and is super tingly to the inner nostril hairs.

The color is a light yellow green, without any dark shadows or edges on the spoon.

To the tip of the tongue there are some great wonderful soft touches. It feels good. The flavor of the oil is distinct and you can taste it here with just a touch.

Full of richness, a mouthful will surprise you. It starts like a nice french oil, buttery and vapory, and just as it disappears there is an explosion of olive and if you pay attention, your nose will tingle again, and then you will get this almost assault, a large tickle, actually a massive tickle, that makes you cough. Some might think it is a peppery finish, which it is, yet it is not an Italian peppery kick.

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"Love this cocoa powder. Thanks - in Hawaiian: Mahalo!" - kate

ChefShop Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder
As seen in Saveur Magazine (Saveur 100) and Chocolatier Magazine.

Best Cocoa on the Planet!

This Dutch process dark unsweetened cocoa powder is in a class unto itself. We have removed less fat from our cocoa (22-24% fat content), which results in a more intense and immediate chocolate flavor. This wonderful Dutch cocoa powder has a touch of ground vanilla bean.

"I have been using this exclusively for years now. I have a 'secret' brownie recipe that I make with this cocoa, syrup made from the cocoa and only the best ingredients. Everyone goes ga-ga over them. Syrup - so easy to make - anything that calls for cocoa I use this. Sometimes I mix just a touch into my coffee from a treat. If you have not tried this yet you need to. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!"
-- ellie   
Check it out here.

"I’ll never be a cook, but I look forward to your newsletter every Saturday and dream. Thank you!"

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"For the breadth and quality of its offerings, nothing equals ChefShop.com. In addition to well-chosen examples of an Italian kitchen's staples... there are excellent products from other parts of the world and, in season, fresh salmon from the Northwest, plus an item that has all but disappeared from neighborhood markets, genuinely tree-ripened, sugary fruits."
- Marcella & Victor Hazan


About ChefShop:

At Chefshop.com we search the world to find the best of the best, from Baking Chocolate to Estate Grown first press Extra Virgin Olive Oils. We search the world to find and source hard-to-find foods and ingredients created by family owned producers, like ourselves, to share with you.
We taste test, cook test and eat everything we sell.

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