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Paqu Jaya Yellow Peruvian Chili Sauce El Amarillo
Peruvian Yellow Chili Sauce
The El Amarillo, Peuruvian Yellow Chili Sauce to the nose has a hint of green like a fresh bell pepper and the taste of a yellow pepper. It is a blend of oranges, mangoes and a hit of garlic matched with hot yellow chilis.

It has a sweet presence and the heat comes to you at the back of the throat. The taste buds might not even mention the spicy heat until it makes it to the back of the mouth. The throat will let you know there is some heat and there will be some involuntary opening of pores.

Choose this one if you want the expressive flavor that chilis can give without excessive heat. It’s a quite joyful chili sauce. We mixed ketchup and this chili sauce and it was divine perfection!
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Fallot Dijon Mustard Edmond Fallot Dijon mustard.

In 1634, out of concern for the quality of its mustard, the city of Dijon imposed the first statues on the mustard-making trade. Even before this date the region was well known for the quality of its mustard. This smooth moutarde is the finest mustard you can find.
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Kokuto Murakami Syouten Crushed Brown Sugar from Hateruma Island Murakami Syouten Kokuto Sugarcane is one of the most healthy foods you can eat.

This sugar is from the southern most island in the chain of over 150 islands in Okinawa Prefecture, south of the mainland of Japan. Hateruma Island is, as a crow flies, 2,006 kilometers (1,246 miles) south of Tokyo and 247 kilometers (153 miles) to the east of Taipei.

This small island is just 1270 hectares (3138 acres), or 4.9 square miles. In comparison, Orcas Island is 11.69 times larger. The only way to get to the island is via a 60 minute fast boat. If the seas are too rough you can take the cargo ferry, leaving at 9, taking 2.5 hours.

The island is a destination for holiday makers and is known for its relaxing island life.

It is also here that this very special brown sugar is from. Unlike many brown sugars (made with white sugar mixed with molasses), Kokuto (rich black sugar) is made by slowly cooking and reducing the sugarcane juice.

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Baking Chocolate 22% to 24% cocoa butter!
The perfect cocoa powder!
"Like others here, I started using this when it was sold by Williams Sonoma. Then I needed to search for a real source when that went away and found Chef Shop. So glad I did! This cocoa powder is dreamy for baking as well as making hot chocolate and other drinks. The fat content lends a terrific texture and lingering flavor; the overall profile is intense but not overwhelmingly bitter. I think it strikes an excellent flavor balance. Highly recommend for any recipe which demands a superior quality chocolate!"
-- heidiB   
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"For the breadth and quality of its offerings, nothing equals In addition to well-chosen examples of an Italian kitchen's staples... there are excellent products from other parts of the world and, in season, fresh salmon from the Northwest, plus an item that has all but disappeared from neighborhood markets, genuinely tree-ripened, sugary fruits."
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