In this ever increasing mechanized world of food, it is our mission to find and bring you a little closer to the artisans who dedicate their lives to preserving food traditions. We at ChefShop are committed to finding epicurean foods, made in small batches from around the world.

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Lummi Island Wild Albacore Canned Tuna Lummi Island Tuna
A fish Story
I want to tell you a wonderful fish story.... This sashimi grade, young tuna is individually caught with single hook lines and is flash frozen solid at sea right after it is caught. Averaging up to 50% less mercury than many common store brands, this tuna has more omega 3 fatty acids than most salmon!

All the tuna in the cans comes from one second-generation tuna fisherman, Paul Hill and his crew who care about the fish and the fishing they do. Because of the special gear they use they get virtually no bycatch.
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Beans Beans
Over 20 different options

At over 4000 thousand years old, legumes are one of the oldest foods known to man. High in protein, calcium, and iron, and excellent addition for any pantry.

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Baking Goods Baking
All the things you might want for baking

Find Chocolate, Gelatin Sheets, Champagne biscuits, sugars, almond paste, cinnamon from Hawaii, Lime oil extract, Rose flower water, 2x Vanilla extract, flour, yeast, candied fruit peels, and more.

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Feuilletine Flakes Pastry Crunch
Feuilletine Flakes

The flakey cookie crumbs
Also known as Paillete Feuilletine (tm), these Crepes Dentelles crumbs are hard to find and normally only found in commercial kitchens.

As Tina says, in Food & Wine Magazine,
"Add these buttery, toasty-sweet shards to ganache, frostings and truffles for a super crunch."

Called for in classic French recipes, these are a common ingredient when making Praline Feuillete or filling for Praline.
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Katz Apple Cider Vinegar Gravenstein

Take the Gravenstein Apple and Create the best Apple Cider Vinegar!

Lovely, fragrant, mellow vinegar

"A really nice, delicately flavored vinegar. I used it to make cole slaw and it added a lovely apple-y note to it (much more subtle and flavorful than other apple cider vinegars). I also found 1 Tbsp in a glass of water very effective for heartburn (after the cole slaw)."
-- ltt-lte

Exceptionally delectable Apple Cider Vinegar 🍎

"Superb product. My third time purchasing, and it is consistently delicious. A balanced vinegar with depth and versatility, it’s delectable on its own for those of us looking to the healing properties of ACV, as well as an excellent finishing vinegar."
-- j

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Jacques Pépin Crepes Confiture Recipe Video Jacques Pépin's Crepes Confiture Recipe Video

Jacques Pépine's people (son-in-law) contacted our people (me) and asked us to add his recipe of Jacques classic crépe to our recipes. And also offered us his video of the same. Click to see the video and the recipe.

" I always had crêpes as a child, and made them countless times for my daughter and granddaughter. There is nothing easier than making crêpes. I put a piece of butter to melt in a skillet, and by the time that butter is melted I have mixed enough milk, flour, and an egg to make half a dozen crêpes. You can serve them with jam inside or something savory, like ham or cheese. Easy and delicious. "

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ChefShop Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder
22% to 24% cocoa butter!
Best Cocoa Powder Ever!
"I freely admit that I'm hooked. The ChefShop cocoa powder will do that to you. With just a hint of vanilla, and a dark color and intense flavor, a day is no longer complete without a nightcap of strong cocoa made with this product."
-- tony   
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ChefShop Gift Certificate
Give the gift of food
Share your favorite foods with your peoples. You know they love to cook but haven't a clue what's in their pantry? Let them decide!

Share your love and give the love of food!

"For the breadth and quality of its offerings, nothing equals In addition to well-chosen examples of an Italian kitchen's staples... there are excellent products from other parts of the world and, in season, fresh salmon from the Northwest, plus an item that has all but disappeared from neighborhood markets, genuinely tree-ripened, sugary fruits."
- Marcella & Victor Hazan


About ChefShop:

At we search the world to find the best of the best, from Baking Chocolate to Estate Grown first press Extra Virgin Olive Oils. We search the world to find and sourcing hard-to-find foods created by family owned producers, like ourselves, to share with you.

We taste test, cook test and eat everything we sell.


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