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Kanzuri 6 year Fermented Pepper and Yuzu Paste 6 year fermented pepper and yuzu paste
These Kanzuri peppers are kept in salt for six months, then laid out in the snow for a few days early in the year. The “snow” process reduces the bitterness and the salt content of the peppers, while breaking down their fibrous structure, mellowing the punch, and bringing their sweet side out. The peppers are then mixed with koji (rice mold) and yuzu citrus. The peppers and yuzu live together for six years – “fermenting” their relationship to create what is in this jar.

Kala Himalayan Namak Black Salt Kala Namak This is the most interesting salt.
if you don’t know that's what's coming, your taste buds instantly will and they send emergency alerts racing out the back of your mouth on a impulse nerve to your gustatory cortex to panic you that what you are tasting is spoiled …

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Candied Fruit for Baking Candied Fruit for baking

Make candied lemon peel once, and you realize how great it can be. When the peels come in from France, we can't but all eat a few (testing, we are always testing) just to ensure our memory is still working. Candied fruit is perfect for baking ...

Baking Chocolate Baking Chocolate Baking Chocolate
Chocolate for baking! From desserts to just a handful, organic baking chocolate is an essential pantry item to always have on hand. It's also a great place to hide your favorite chocolate in plain site. "Disks" are perfect for melting (and eating by the handful)

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"For the breadth and quality of its offerings, nothing equals In addition to well-chosen examples of an Italian kitchen's staples... there are excellent products from other parts of the world and, in season, fresh salmon from the Northwest, plus an item that has all but disappeared from neighborhood markets, genuinely tree-ripened, sugary fruits."
- Marcella & Victor Hazan


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