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Great in baked goods!
This is the best orange peel I have had in US—second only to the ones I had in Spain, for I love a tad tarter, bolder flavor than the delicate French one that this one offers. But the sweetness and texture are perfect. Not at all like the usual overly sweet, chewy or hard peels you have to contend with. I had them in pumpkin spiced scones and they added beautiful scent and tangy bite to the scones. I highly recommend them, just try not to gobble them up as is (yes they are that good and, because they aren’t too sweet, you can easily eat them up)!
by Naoko
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Essential Pantry French Candied Orange Peel - 200 grams 7 oz - France

Essential Pantry has found a candied orange rind for sale! This one is imported from France, one of the countries that helped write the book on preserving fruit.

These delicious French candied orange peels are neither too sweet nor too stiff, and they're perfect for a whole host of applications. Use them as-is to dip in your favorite dark chocolate couverture for a wonderful treat -- best served with after-dinner coffee. Or you can dice them up and use them in an array of baked goods and confections; from cookies and cakes, to puddings and tarts. Classic bitter orange flavor, and nicely coated with inverted sugar -- so they don't stick together.

If you must, you can eat them right out of the bag!

the process:
- of making candied citrus, the rind is the most time consuming and it can be nerve racking -- what, with making sure the sugar concentration, times, and temperatures are all correct -- not to even mention the quality of the fruit.

Before dipping in chocolate or the like, let air dry for one to two days.

ingredients: Orange peels, glucose-fructose syrup, sucrose, dextrose