Villa Jerada represents the story of Mehdi returning back to his Moroccan roots.

Mehdi's mother’s kitchen was abundant, with delicious smells and full of love. It is an enduring memory that guides him on his journey of exploring and sharing his culture through food. In every Moroccan Souk, store and home you will find spices and harissa - a spicy condiment used as either a base for cooking, or as a garnish to add spice to your meal.

How are Villa Jerada’s spice blends and condiment recipes different from what’s in the market today? Well, though this sauce remains prevalent in Morocco, its influence on his recipes go beyond the geography of Mehdi's native country and past the vibrant street culture that comprised his upbringing, to the center of where his love for food began.

Your newsletters are always so full of awesome stuff! We are thoroughly enjoying the mustard oil and malt vinegar especially and are still working through the chocolate samples you included in our last order. Thank you so much for everything!