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  • Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil


Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil
6.7 oz jar
- Spain
Ortiz sardines in olive oil

Gorgeous Spanish sardines in olive oil – carefully made, getting each of these pieces (about 5) into the jar intact takes practice and mastery. Hand-cleaned, one by one, they are then fried in olive oil. Made fresh and then aged to improve the flavor over years, making a mellow and delicate sardine.


Not to be compared with other sardines, these Spanish sardines in olive oil are special. If you like sardines, then you will love these! Just holding the jar in your hand, you can't help but be awed by the quality.

one sardine tail

ortiz sardines in olive oil

ingredients: sardines, olive oil, salt 


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You can’t get these in the store
These are fabulous, large, juicy and full of flavor. I’m spoiled now, I can’t settle for store-bought sardines. So good for a snack or quick meal.
by Cheryl Wolcott