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  • Toasted Corn


Toasted Corn - non-GMO

10 oz bag - Portland

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Toasted Corn

Having consumed our fair share of bagged corn nuts with overly giant-sized kernels, we were intrigued. You know the old saying, “bigger is better”? More fun to say than it is in practice! It is when it comes to corn nuts, anyway!

When it comes to taste, flavor, and crunch, these little, normally sized corn kernels are da bomb! Crunchy through and through, each one crunches just right. Eat one at a time, and you will get 11 crunches (of biting) before you are done, depending on your crunch speed, about 6 seconds of time!

With three flavors – Toasted Corn, Spicy Toasted Corn, and Salt and Pepper Toasted Corn – there is something corny here for everyone! (See below.)

Starting with non-GMO corn kernels, the just plain “Toasted” version is my favorite. A little oil and salt, and it is perfect in every possible way! I thought bigger kernels were better, but not anymore.

It's hard to explain exactly why we love these so much, but they are the perfect munch food. For your desk or a long car ride, they are the just-right grab-and-bite-sized treat.

Toasted corn is exactly that – corn kernel unpopped, unboiled, but toasted and most often oiled and salted.

CornNuts (Kraft Foods), Cornick (Philippines), Diana (El Salvador), Cancha (Peru, Ecuador) – all variations of a Corn Kernel that is “toasted”. The base variation is seasoned with oil and salt. Garlic, chili cheese, adobo, BBQ, ranch, etc. – some of the many flavor variations available today.

The Toasted Corn was first introduced here in the US by Albert Holloway in Oakland, California, in 1936. Originally sold as a free tavern snack food (in 1900 there were an estimated 265,000 legal and illegal taverns), it later became the CornNuts with a hybrid of the Cuzco corn from Cusco, Peru, being grown in California.