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  • Sgambaro Farfalle Bowtie Pasta
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Sgambaro Italian Farfalle (Bowtie-Shaped) Pasta

1.1 lb bag - Veneto, Italy

Traditional Italian farfalle (bowtie-shaped) pasta is drawn through bronze so that the surface is rough and ready to take on whatever sauce you throw at it, just like when you were a kid, but way, way better. It is made only with locally grown, certified Italian Grown Durum wheat.

About the Producer

The third-generation family-run Pastificio Sgambaro carefully chooses durum wheat varieties that give their pasta its truly high-quality flavor and texture.

In their quest to produce the very best pasta possible, the Sgambaro family created the Italian Durum Wheat Project with the goal of producing pasta made only with superior durum wheat grown exclusively on Italian farms, counter to the trend of most large Italian pasta makers who use wheat from the USA and Canada.

Jolly Sgambaro's pursuit of quality led him to become the first Pastificio owner to be awarded the respected "Grano Duro Italiano" (Italian Durum Wheat) product certification.

In 1925, Tullio Sgambaro was famous in the region for his culinary specialties, and in 1947, he opened the first Sgambaro pasta factory in Cittadella near Padua. Eventually, the family took over both Pastificio Volpato in Fanzolo and Pastificio Santangelo in Piove.

In the 1960s, Tullio's sons, Dino and Enzo, developed the company further by expanding to add milling of wheat to the pasta-making process.

The business has continued to grow since then, thanks primarily to two basic elements: the dedication and enduring passion of Tullio's grandchildren who operate the company today.