Wildwood Chocolate: Portland, OREGON

Wildwood Chocolate is the love child of Steven Lawrence, Co-Founder and Chocolatier, and Rebecca Adams Savage, Co-Founder and responsible for all aspects of Business Operations. Steve began his culinary career over 25 years ago, during which he discovered his biggest passion was chocolate; it became his "art-form". Rebecca discovered Steve's creations during a trip to Texas many years ago. When she decided to relocate to Portland the two decided to join forces, Steve bringing his chocolate and culinary expertise and Rebecca bringing her business experience and love of great chocolate, and start Wildwood Chocolate bars in Portland.

Wildwood is focused on combining the best chocolate with other fine ingredients to create not only delicious flavor combinations, but beautiful and dramatic bar presentations. The bars' beauty is easy to see through the clear packaging. But, what you can't see is just as important as what you can see; the back of each bar is  beautifully embossed with a native Northwest plant or flower that you might encounter if you walked the scenic Wildwood Trail in Portland, Oregon.

Below are our some of our favorite Wildwood Chocolate dark chocolate inclusion bars made in Portland, Oregon.

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