It’s just salt. Actually it’s not at all. These uniquely delicious to eat, thats right to eat, salts are something out of a fairy tale.

And brilliant. Make sauerkraut and take the juice of the spoils and make salt!

Fermentation has some wonderfully healthy benefit for your gut and the juice that comes from making the sauerkraut is rich with goodness too!

Each fermentation has its unique punch and when you add it to salt you get a knockout of flavor!

Who knew you could take more than one bite of salt, love the flavor so much and you want another pinch? This is what Firefly Kitchens Salt has. Full of vibrant flavors imparted from the kraut parent.

Try one or try them all, you will be surprised about how they blend right away into your diet. A pinch to taste is great and a pinch in your food goes a long, long way. Just a little spreads its flavor like wildfire across the dish!

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