Kasama Chocolate - Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Long time friends, Dominik Voser, Oliver Koth-Kappus, Stefan Klopp and Vincent Garcia, always shared a passion for food.  In 2015, Vincent inherited a piece of family property in the Philippines.  His father went to visit the property to take pictures for his son.  At first Vincent thought the yellow fruits in the pictures were mangos, but later learned they were yellow cacao pods.  He mentioned this to his buddies, who all expresses an interested in harvesting the cocoa and trying their hand at making their own chocolate. Kasama is a filipino word meaning, collaboration, friendship and togetherness. In 2021, Kasama Chocolate won 15 International Chocolate Awards - so I guess they are off to a good start!

... the newsletter.  Sometimes I look at it & think it’s a little lengthy and I don’t have time to read it but I usually do.  Once I start reading, I can’t stop.  It’s well written, fun to read, and almost every time I find an item or 2 I need/want or a receipt. 


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