About As Pontis:

The Extremadura region is a place of great environmental and physical beauty. So, when Almazara 'As Pontis'  planted their olive groves and built their olive mill, in November, 2008, they had a clear clear mission to not only producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but ensure that all phases of the production process respected the environment and supported the local development of the ‘As Pontis’ and Vieiru estate olive oils.

Almazara ‘As Pontis’ has become one of the most technologically advanced oil mills in Spain and the most advanced in the Extremadura region. With the mission to RESPECT TO ENVIRONMENT, the mill plant does not generate any waste materials or bi-products. The different bi-products in the production process are:

  • Pomace: transported to olive-pomace extraction factory where it's processed.
  • Olive pits: used as raw material in our bio-mass boiler.
  • Sewage water and "alpechin": processed in a sewage treatment plant, using the clean water to wash the olives and sewage sludge that is dried and used like fertilizer in our olive grove.

So, besides general respect for the environment and local development, Almazara is one of the first olive oil producers to installed a bio-mass boiler and sewage treatment plant that disposes of 100% of their waste materials, converting all waste into other usable products.

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