Often called "pickled", chutneys are native to India, and are a preparation that sometimes sweet or sometimes hot, or sometimes both.  Usually a combination of dried fruits and vegetables, with healthy dose of spices, and vinegar or mustard.  Traditionally used to accompany to meats and fish, but work well as an appetizer or on a cheese plate or as a way to give a little flavor zing to your simple bowl or rice or quinoa. Gourmet chutneys (or Pickles) add both a sweet and sour component to your meal - tastes that are often lacking. Their uses are virtually limitless, so buy chutney online from Chef Shop today.

Hello! This Italian pizza flour is so amazing! I have been making sourdough pizza dough for a few years now and it’s never been as delicious as when I make the dough with the Caputo 00 flour from your shop. Grazie mille!