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  • Star Anise


Essential Pantry Organic Whole Star Anise

1 oz bag

This beautiful five-pointed spice is native to China and Southeast Asia.

It is one of the spices used in Chinese cooking, and it's the primary flavoring in Chinese five spice. It is very different from traditional anise in appearance; the smell and taste are more familiar, warm and licorice-like, but still distinctive. It has none of the astringency of licorice, however, instead carrying a very woodsy flavor.

Whole star anise compliments duck, chicken and pork especially well, and it is often used in stews, including the aromatic Vietnamese pho.

Star anise may be used whole to infuse a cream, custard or liquid with its flavor, or toasted and crushed into a very fine powder. In this form, it is perfect for adding to desserts like custards, ice cream, cakes and pies.