Felchlin Switzerland uses the finest cacao beans, from noble grade criollo to superior forastero and rainforest wild bolivian.  Felchlin works directly with farmers to create a socially responsible and sustainable foundation and honest communications, and to ensure that their final product meets the highest standards in taste, quality and sustainability - including fair trade, climate protected, energy efficienct, logistically green, rainforest certified, organic certified (where noted) and alpine/meddow safe. Careful selection and business practices, combined with traditional gentle production methods, Swiss innovation and attentionla to detail means the flavor is unmatched.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletters.  They are informative, witty, useful and a real  pleasure to read.   I appreciated that you put a link listing the products featured in the newsletter.  Clearly, a lot of thought and hard work goes into producing a newsletter like this;  you should know your efforts are appreciated.