Felchlin in Switzerland creates some of the finest chocolate in the world. Perhaps not a household name, or even with the many students of culinary school, within the very high end of the chocolate world they are a cherished creator of chocolate! Felchlin uses the finest cacao beans, from noble-grade Criollo to superior Forastero and rainforest wild Bolivian. Felchlin works directly with farmers to create a socially responsible and sustainable foundation, ensuring honest communications and that their final product meets the highest standards in taste, quality, and sustainability. This includes fair trade, climate protection, energy efficiency, logistical green practices, rainforest certification, and, where noted, organic certification. Careful selection and business practices, combined with traditional, gentle production methods, Swiss innovation, and attention to detail, create unmatched couverture chocolate.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletters.  They are informative, witty, useful and a real  pleasure to read.   I appreciated that you put a link listing the products featured in the newsletter.  Clearly, a lot of thought and hard work goes into producing a newsletter like this;  you should know your efforts are appreciated.