About Mieli Thun:

Based in northern Italy outside of Trento, Mieli Thun's Andrea Paternoster has dedicated his life to creating the best honey - with Mother Nature's help, of course. In 1992, Andrea took over the reins of his grandfather's apiary business and started to pursue creative nectar sources beyond the Trento region. Today, Andrea moves his bees from place to place, following the blooming foliage. From the base of the Italian Alps to the Ionica Coast in the south, Andrea seeks out prime spots for his bees to do their work.

In 1999, Andrea received an award for his relentles pursuit of quality and excellence, and his honey has been winning prizes ever since. In 2005, he launched his Quintessenza line of honeys, setting aside the purest of each single-floral production and jarring it under this special new label.

You have a knack for writing and should consider writing books, and or team up with David Leibovitz (old pastry chef at Chez Panisse…who now lives in Paris)….he has a wonderful news letter also.  I always take my time reading both of your newsletter ( yours and his)  as there is so much care put into them.