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Essential Pantry Whole Organic Allspice - Jamaican

2 oz- Jamaica

First grown in Central America, allspice is used in dishes worldwide. Its multilayered flavor makes it extremely flexible, and is often the primary flavoring in both sweet and savory foods.

To call it an amalgam of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and pepper, begins to describe its nature: it also has hints of burnt citrus peel, chlorophyll and wood.

When dry roasted and ground, it is a good addition to sausages, veal and game. It is very friendly with root starches like parsnips, rutabaga, taro and yams.

Allspice can be peppered conservatively through polenta, couscous and bulgur for an unusual taste. European use of allspice is often in mulled drinks, baked goods, relishes and pickles. Indian and African use of allspice incorporates it into spice mixtures to provide an underlying warmth.

Used whole, Jamaican pimento allspice is a traditional ingredient in pickling spices and broth infusions.