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Villa Jerada Moroccan Harissa - 6 oz jar - Seattle / Casablanca As seen in Food and Wine Magazine

Fresh-made-too-order. This is Mehdi's family recipe from Casablanca. Smooth with texture, just right! Use on everything!

Harissa is not one of those condiments that has only one authentic recipe. In fact, from town to town, region to region, it can vary from a little to a lot - from texture to ingredients and from hot to not so hot. Of all the Harissa we have tried this is the very best!

Here, in this jar, is Mehdi's mom's recipe. Authentic to his family, Mehdi strived to recreate Moroccan Harissa as if it was made at home in his kitchen growing up. 

After three years of development and many trials and tribulations Mehdi makes Harissa in small batches every week or so for the local chefs. And we benefit with small shipments as well, bring you fresh Harissa as well.

Villa Jerada uses the finest ingredients from around the world, freshly ground and combined make one of the freshest products we carry.
All their attention to detail, and the feeling of smooth heat makes this Moroccan condiment a treat!

The Story:
The Villa Jerada Harissa represents the story of Mehdi returning back to his Moroccan roots.

Harissa remains a staple as a Moroccan condiment, much like Ketchup, Tabasco or Siracha is in many American homes. Though some key ingredients remain essential to every Moroccan Harissa recipe, variances do exist, setting some apart from the other. 

How is Villa Jerada’s harissa recipe any different from what’s in the market today? Well first, though this sauce remains prevalent in Morocco, its influence on this recipe goes beyond the geography of Mehdi's native country and past the vibrant street culture that comprised his upbringing, to the center of where his love for food began.


Mehdi and His Wife Villa Jerada

ingredients: Dried chili peppers, water, olive oil, cumin, coriander, garlic powder, preserved lemons, mint, caraway seed, tomato paste, vinegar, salt

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Editor's Pick
Food & Wine Editors TOP TEN picks --loves this Harissa. "This is my go to Rice Bowl"
by FOOD & WINE Magazine
The Best
This is a very special item. It adds layers and layers of complexity to your meal. Whereas most Harissas use spice to build complexity, Villa Jerada balances spice with olive oil, roasted peppers, and hot and sweet flavors. It is not as spicy as many, but it is the most complex. I try to find an excuse to use it everyday (thus learning that it is great on eggs, mixed into popcorn, and of course on chicken and fish).
by Rebecca
Different, not what we expected.
We are not so sure about this harissa. It is rather acidic. We were fortunate to try harissa that our Maroccan friend imported from Marocco. Hers was outstanding and we had high expectations for this harissa. Unfortunately, it did not match our expectations but we also would not say it's bad. It's just different. You may like it better.
by Martin