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  • Pimenton De La Vera (Hot, Smoked Paprika)


La Dalia Pimenton De La Vera (Smoked, Hot Paprika) - 70 gr - Spain

Pimentón de la Vera is a paprika made from luscious red peppers (pimientos) grown in the La Vera microclimate of Spain's Extremadura region. When harvest begins in the fall, entire families get involved.

The mature peppers are placed in drying houses, where they are smoke-dried over oak fires - the mark of genuine pimenton de la vera. The dried peppers are then tone ground into a powder.

La Dalia Pimenton de la Vera is D.O. protected - Pimento de la Vera was the first pepper to receive such designation in Spain. Picante is the "hot" version of smoked paprika, and hence it has a mellow bite flowing into its warm flavor.

It has a much more complex flavor than Hungarian paprika, with an aromatic smokiness that puts it in a class of its own. It is absolutely essential ingredient for many of the Spanish cuisines.

About the Producer
Pimentón de la Vera was the first chile pepper product to be granted a Denominacíon de Origen, or controlled name status. Family history and expertise are the soul of Pimentón "la Dalia," a company that has long honored the land, its people and their traditions.