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  • Black Garlic Molasses


Black Garlic Molasses
250 ml bottle
- Japan

100% black garlic - nothing else.  Tasts like ... well ... black garlic.  But without the mess!

This is so amazingly good! Imagine garlic being spoon ready! This is a spoonful of food heaven!

Black Garlic Molasses

Molasses made from Black Garlic

Black garlic is a natural “reaction” of sugar & amino acids in fresh garlic turning into a gooey sticky, black inky, celestial, musical, sweet flavor rich, umami-packed taste. 

Louis Camille Maillard, a professor of medicine at the University of Paris took on the "study of the reaction of amino acids & sugar" in 1912. His work won several awards, including the French Academy of Medicine in 1914 and was rewarded with the reaction being named after him.

And though you might not be familiar with black garlic (at least tasting it) the reaction ( The Maillard Reaction) that created it you have tasted. Coffee roasting is a Maillard Reaction. And so is the browning of meats when grilled, crust that has darkened in pretzels, chocolate and even malted barley! The Maillard reaction is everywhere, at least when you are eating.

Understand that caramelization is not the same, though similar in many ways, Maillard is a reaction that involves the amino acids. Caramelization is pyrolysis of specific sugars. Pyrolysis is organic material exposed to high temperatures, such as lava coming in contact with a tree. Effectively char.

Simply, Maillard Reaction is the process of cooking meat to perfection versus my cooking on a BBQ grill and creating char.

Black Garlic Molasses tasting notes.

To the nose it smells like garlic. A lot like a jar of crushed garlic, except black garlic molasses has a hint of sweetness.

To the tastebuds it's a totally different sensation. It comes across your mouth like a sweet squeezable sensation that you will be sucking your cheeks in for more.

The first taste, in a big swig spoonful, is a sweetness that is not too sweet. It’s like a spoonful of sugar without being too sugary. And as the finish finishes and the sensation drifts away, the garlic flavor rolls around your mouth as you chase it moving your tongue up and down as your cheeks involuntarily move in and out!

It is like nothing you have ever had at the same time being totally familiar. Order our black garlic online and save yourself the trouble of experimenting with a Maillard Reaction.

If you want to know how to use black garlic molassas, here's a little secret: don't push the cork back in all the way.  Part way will keep the garlic sealed off from air but won't get the lip of the lid gooey.


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For when you’re missing umami
Wow, this stuff is so delicious! It seems a bit odd to have molasses and garlic flavors together. But if you imagine what both of those things do in a barbecue sauce, you’ll have some idea of the flavor profile; an amplified sweet and savory sauce. I sneaked it into a brown rice and edamame salad I make for clients and it became an instant classic. I think the next experiment will be laquered bbq ribs!
by Chef Lesa
Absolute Essential
The Black Garlic Molasses quickly became a household staple, after we were introduced to it a couple of years ago. Sweet without being cloying, it is a great supplement to pan and barbecue sauces (along with sousvide bag drippings). Amazingly, we somehow survived to adulthood without it...
by Eric