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  • India Tree Light Muscovado Sugar - 1 lb


India Tree Light Muscovado Sugar

1 pound (16 oz) - Mauritius

When Dark Muscovado is to dark, try the Light Muscovado!

From the label:

From Mauritius this sugar retains much of the flavor of the cane. It has a fine, moist testure, high molasses content and a deep, rich, flavor. Use it in recipes calling for light brown sugar for mouth watering results. 

Store Light Muscovado Sugar in an airtight container. If the sugar hardens, place it in a bowl with a wet cloth until the sugar softens again.


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India Tree Light Muscovado Sugar
The light muscovado sugar is excellent, so tasty in chocolate chip cookies, on oatmeal, etc. and I can't find it at the sotres in my town. Thank you Chef Shop for carrying it and the Scottish Oatmeal
by Sunne
Love this sugar!
All the muscovado sugars from India Tree are delicious and particularly this Light Brown Muscovado. It is deep and rich with a lingering molasses flavor on the tongue - I use it wherever O can and often in place of white sugar and when the Dark Brown Muscovado would be too intense. And I am delighted to have found this at ChefShop.. thank you!
by Carole