• Ohsawa Organic Sweet Rice Seasoning
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Ohsawa Organic Sweet Rice Seasoning ( Mirin )

250 ml bottle (8.45 OZ)- Japan

from the label:
Genuine Mirin gives food a subtle sweetness and sheen, an appetizing luster to foods as if they've been glazed. This exquisite, versatile seasoning has the unique ability to coax out and accentuate flavors.

Known to provide mouthwatering umami flavor - an essential taste of traditional Japanese cuisine - mirin's mild sweetness and unique qualities help other ingredients' flavors meld together, adding sweetness and a touch of saltiness to Japanese dishes - or any dish really.

Genuine Mirin is natural fermentation over 9 months results in a thick, sweet, golden seasoning that enhances the flavors of both sweet and savory sauces, entrees, stir-fries, dips and desserts.