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  • Persian Black Lemons Limoo Omani


Persian Black Lemons Black Limes Limoo Omani

2 oz bag - Turkey

Black Lemons (or Persian Limes, or Dried Limes, or Dried Lemons, or Iranian Lemons or Limes...)

Limoo Omani

Black Lemons are limes. Limoo Omani (Iran) is a thin skinned lime that is dried in the sun. Grown and used in the Persian Gulf region and used extensively as an ingredient in many dishes. they are called many things including: Persian limes, persian lemons, persian Limes, Dried Limes, Dried Lemons, and Iranian Limes or lemons...)

Pierce holes in the skin of 3 or 4 whole Limoo Omani and add to a thick soup or stew. Or cut in half (or break into pieces), remove the seeds and add to sauces. Limoo Omani black lemons are well suited to go with the foods from the sea like shrimp and, historically, preserved fish (Tahtah Malleh). It also works well with lamb, beef and camel to make a classic meat pie (pizza).

To the nose, the uncut Limoo Omani have a musty tangy tickley smell. The hint of citrus is at the top of the whiff and at the bottom is the wonderful must. It reminds me a lot of Li hing mui without the salt.

Cut one of these dried Persian lemons open and the must fades and the tingly tangy citrus tickles the nose. The smell reminds me of the Spice Bazaar in Turkey. Truly hard to describe with a fine brush, with broad strokes the smell expresses the past, with comfort and mystery.

Though its past is steeped in a wonderful history today you could consider it one of the most wonderful essential flavor enhancers to always have on hand!



Black lemons are, actually, dried limes. They owe their misnomer to English translation from Arabic.


Black lemons are used most frequently in Middle Eastern cookiing as a souring agent. You'll see it used in chutneys, soups and stews, and even ground into flatbreads.


To use them in a dish, either grind them in a spice grinder, or pierce them with a paring knife, then add to your dish - the cooking will take care of the rest!


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How seductive is this ?!!!!!! What a writer I CANNOT WAIT to smell the top and bottom notes!
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