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  • Fattoria di Petroio Tuscan Olive Oil


Fattoria di Petroio Tuscan Olive Oil

2023 Harvest

500 ml - Quersegrossa, Italy

2023 New Harvest Tasting notes

This new harvest oil embodies all the great things we want from an extra virgin from Italy!

Every year, this oil brings its own personality, almost always different, reflecting nature and the harvest. You can tell that it comes from the same hands, the same, yet without the need to be the same as last year or some unknown rule of consistency over originality.

This year, this oil is full of notes of banana if you slurp it in. And subtly, you get a twinge of artichoke, but not with every spoonful, just sometimes. And perhaps for the first time, a bit of buttery texture.

And, perhaps not on the first sip, but for sure on the second, you get a nice little burn in the back of the throat, not up high, but lower down. The finish is wonderful with this nice banana refreshing olive!

This oil is mellow with tons of personality. I am really loving this oil this year!

Every year, this oil is special and always ready to contribute to your life!

2022 tasting notes

What we love most about Fattoria di Petroio olive oil is that it tells you a new story every harvest! 

It is always fantastic, yet every year it is different.Whoa! The taste is strong this year!

To the nose, it’s a familiar olive oil vapor—rich, almost fruity and full of olive aromas. But there are no real hints of what’s to come.

One drop on the tongue releases full-bodied olive flavor. 

One big aerated sip releases an explosion of flavor. 

First it is all about the olives-- fruit, artichoke, a hint of butteriness, and perhaps light notes of banana leaf. Then as it moves through your mouth, there’s rich bitterness on the edge of your tongue that then rips to the back of your throat to create a cough and a sharp burn.

The bitterness remains on the edge of your tongue for a long time, reminding you that you just had a spectacular olive oil, and as it mellows, you start to miss its friendship!

The second spoonful is not nearly as dramatic, so be sure to make it a point to savor the first taste. The second time around is wonderful, and won’t catch you off guard, and you can savor its strong flavor nuances. 

This second spoon will have you dreaming about pouring the oil over long strands of pasta dotted with capers and sprinkled with flaky sea salt!

And so much more… This oil is for people who love the Italian approach to olive oil.

If you love the unique robust freshness of the new harvest olive oils, this one is sure to thrill. It’s got some serious kick!

Eliza & Sharon's Favorite Olive Oil
An Exclusive Tuscan Olive Oil

Just a few kilometers from Siena, nestled in the Chianti hillsides, in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan countryside, lies Fattoria di Petroio.

Located on the ancient road between Siena and Florence, Villa Petroio was an important landmark for travelers. Palazzo Petroio became the property of Luigi Pallini in the 19th century. Now many generations later, Gian Luigi Lenzi, grandson of Luigi Pallini II, inherited the property and, with his wife Pamela and hid daughter Diana, has transformed the ancient orchards into a wine producing Estate.

Still small by many standards, its size allows an attention to quality that can be applied to every bottle of Italian extra virgin olive oil they produce. 

With 15 hectares of vineyards, and 822 olive trees, the Estate produces about 40,000 bottles of Chianti Classico, 4,000 bottles of Chianti Classico Riserva, 5,000 bottles of IGT Rosso Toscano, and 300-600 tins of classic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Sharon whom many of you know from the shop, grew up with Pamela here in Seattle, just a stones throw from our warehouse and is the one who brought us this wonderful Tuscan olive oil. In this world where suspicion of the origins of olive oil abound, it is nice to know the family who makes it.

Tasting notes:

We haven't talked that much about this Italian extra virgin olive oil, ever. Like many Tuscan olive oils, it is a blend. A blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Correggiolo and Moraiolo olive varietals. It is one special oil with extremely limited supply.

The nose on it is as you anticipate and expect ALL Tuscan olive oils to taste. There is something about Italian extra virgin olive oil that epitomizes all great olive oils and even just by the smell you know you are in for a treat. With just the right blend of olives and ripeness creates this flavor. It’s a refinement of age and young vim and vigor that creates an oil that is both pleasant and flavorful.

Suck in a mouthful of Italian extra virgin olive oil and you get a buttery (if only for a nano second) taste and feel, and then the perfect blend of olive flavor, followed by a rush of burn that comes on quickly and just goes on and on, tailing off at the back edges of your throat. This oil has peppery (fire) kick that is awesome. Not painful, just right!