Pasta with Olive Oil and Capers Recipe


EVOO Olive oil that you really like

Capers - rinsed

Sea Salt for salting the pasta water

Tellicherry Pepper - ground over the dish



Pasta with Olive Oil and Capers

This olive oil pasta with capers recipe is super easy to make. The key to success is using the very best ingredients you can find. Make sure the olive oil you use is spectacular and that you love it. Newly harvested oils make this dish special. This is a guide. Best to use your judgement on quantity.

1. Boil sufficient water to more than cover the pasta. The pasta should be able to move around, to be able to swim. If they are clumped together the pasta will not cook properly. Make the water salty as the sea.

2. While pasta is cooking heat a frying pan on low heat and add olive oil to cover. You can add more oil later.

3. Add capers, a pinch for each person is a good place to start. Add more once the pasta is plated/served

4. When pasta is al dente, increase heat to medium on the frying pan and add the pasta to the pan. You can add a splash or two of pasta water if it looks to dry.

5. Toss together to coat. 30 seconds

5. Remove from heat 

6. Add more oil and capers if you desire

7. Plate or serve out of the frying pan