Basic Pasta with Olive Oil Recipe


1 pound long pasta

3/4 cup olive oil 


sea salt

freshly ground pepper 

1/4 cup flat-leafed parsly - finely chopped


Basic Pasta with Olive Oil Recipe

This recipe is inspired by how to celebrate freshly-pressed olive oil. Make pasta, pour a bottle of olive oil over it and toss and share! 

If you don't have a table set up in your olive orchard, or 25 people to share with, consider this: 

Cook your pasta al dente - you want your bite to have a little chew, and liberally drizzle the oil over the pasta. Then crumble a nice flake salt over everything, and you will see how the oil you have chosen sings and will tell you a compelling story. 

This is a wonderful way to feature great ingredients, because each, from the pasta to the oil to the salt, will shine in the spotlight on the plate! Simple is glorious!.

1. Cook pasta according to package recommendations. Cook al dente. Drain.

2. Heat olive oil in a skillet over very low heat. Add ingredients and saute lightly until just warm.  Toss with cooked pasta. 

3. Salt and pepper to taste and top with parsley.