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  • Maldon Sea Salt - England


Maldon Sea Salt - 241 Grams 8.5 Ounce 

It is an interesting exercise to taste common salt alongside Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. The common salt sits uncomfortably on the tongue and has an underlying bitterness. This English sea salt is milder, has the flavor of sea spray, and is free from the chemical tang of common salt.

Unlike most salts containing additives to stop them caking in damp weather, Maldon Salt is a completely natural product, retaining valuable seawater trace-elements.

Salt has always played an important role in the everyday life of humans for both flavoring and preserving their food.

The offering of salt became a symbol of friendship and trust. Describing someone as "salt of the earth" or "worth their salt" shows the respect with which this magical white substance is held. The word "salary" comes from the Latin "salarium" when Roman soldiers received part of their pay to buy salt.

The English coastal town of Maldon, Essex, has been the center of a salt-producing area since the Middle Ages, although legend has it that the secret of salt-making from seawater was discovered here over 2,000 years ago when the Romans ruled Britain.

The Maldon Crystal Salt Company is still a small family company operating from a riverside site it has occupied for more than a hundred years. They continue to develop the traditional saltmaker's craft to produce the soft white flaky English sea salt unique to this area.

The attraction of Maldon for salt-making remains the same today as it did hundreds of years ago. The combination of low rainfall, strong winds, bright sunshine, and low-lying marshland produces good salty water. Early salt-making was carried out by boiling seawater caught in shallow pools set in the marshland over wood fires. These fires, in turn, acted as beacons for the local fishing fleets making their way up the coast.

Today, the manufacture of Maldon Sea Salt still relies on the favorable conditions that have enabled the salt industry to develop and flourish here for many centuries. The Maldon Crystal Salt Company's success is due to the production of a unique high-quality sea salt using traditional methods.

The pyramid-shaped salt crystals, characteristic of Maldon Salt, are fragile enough to crumble easily between the fingers and have a totally different taste from the regular grains of table salt. Try this Maldon finishing salt today!


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