Tater Tots can lead to Success


I have been obsessed with making something with tater tots for over a year now. It all started with a lobster tater tot dish that I had in New York City. It was glorious. 

I ordered it because it looked so interesting and a little bit off-kilter. It was by far the best dish that we had that late night. 

I look forward to having it again when I return to the city but until then I am going to experiment with making something simple that includes tater tots. 

Lobster is out, as no matter what someone tells you, lobster in Maine and Massachusetts is better than anywhere, and it can be great in NYC. But everywhere else, it’s been out of the water too long. 

For me, testing recipes - that’s what I call it - is a haphazard process. It goes like this: Idea. Concept. Thinking. Find historical recipes. Choose ingredients. Attempt. Modify.  

And I like to try new fusion ideas or add my own fusion to an idea or recipe. The reality almost always ends up in con-fusion - and is occasionally worth eating. 

Inedible is also part of the mix. And that is what happened this week. 

Though initially a failure, something good came about. I was trying to make the classic ground beef with tater tots. It has beef, onions, cheese, canned mushroom soup, sour cream, bacon, and tater tots on top. Except I left out the soup, the cream, the bacon, and I wish I had dropped the cheese. 

The result? Well, it was way too salty, and way, way too greasy. The cheese overpowered everything and not in a good way. The individual parts were good, like the tater tots… 

The result should be a fusion version of the 70’s packet food, hamburger helpless. (Not really) 

My recipe is a work in progress, without the Tots for now, so when you test it and make it better let us know!