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Green Yuzu Kosho

80 gr jar - Japan - Food and Wine July  

Yuzu Kosho

Awesome, hot, but not hot like you have had before....

Yuzu Kosho is a fresh, herby Japanese sweet and spicy relish.

It's great for adding a delicious dash of flavor to fish, vegetables, even a turkey sandwich.

You may already have seen it at your favorite sushi spot or noodle house. Occasionally tucked in with the soy sauce, oyster sauce and garlic-chile paste is a jar of a mysterious, pea-green-colored condiment.

If you're an intrepid eater, you may already know this culinary charmer . . . but if you haven't yet, it's time you met Yuzu Kosho.

What is Yuzu?? Yuzu Kosho Japanese hot sauce is a blend of the rind of yuzu (a citrus fruit with notes of grapefruit, lemon and lime) and kosho (a spicy green chile), mashed together with a good deal of salt: three powerful flavors colluding in a ravishing Japanese sweet and spicy relish.

A simple combination, but the flavor is so savory-sweet-pungent that you might be tempted to slather instead of dollop! Use a little restraint, though; the stuff packs some intense heat.

Originally a specialty of the Kyushu area - where it's often paired with yakitori, a dish of skewered meat cooked over charcoal - yuzu kosho's popularity spread throughout Japan and is now making its way into the international culinary scene.

Its versatility and persuasive flavors work well with so many dishes. Stir it into a bowl of udon noodles and top with some cooling shiso, a Japanese herb in the mint and basil family; toss it with sautéed eggplant, onions and tomatoes mellowed with purple basil; use it in place of, or alongside your ginger and wasabi with sushi.

For an international take, try combining it with oil and marinating some flank steak for an out-of-mind fajita filling; add it to a garlicky aioli for a twist or stir it in to a dried-fruit-and-nut-spiked pilau.

Recipe: Yakitori with Yuzu Kosho Recipe: Aioli Spiked with Yuzu Kosho Using a light hand (or not!) Yuzu Koshu will bring some hot-tangy-sour shine to your plate.

Ingredients: yuzu orange, chilil, salt

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A Condiment You'll Relish
The salty-citrusy-spicy pop of Yuzu Koshō is great in so many recipes, from Yakitori to a citrusy replacement for shichimi, the 7 spice blend used in many traditional ramen dishes. Also great as a sub for chimichurri with steaks, in compound butter, and so much more. Minor correction to the description. Koshō is just a provincial Kyushu word for "pepper" replacing the word "torigashi" which is the word used for pepper throughout the rest of Japan. Yuzu Koshō comes in both red (aka) and green (midori) styles. Pretty much universally the green is the more popular of the two condiments. A little goes a long way!
by The Jazz Chef
Tangy and spicy
A perfect amount of spice and tanginess, providing citrusy heat exactly where you want it.
by Sarah
So bright!
So tangy and bright. Looking for different ways to cook with this!
by Kevin