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  • Bigoli Nobili Mori Pasta - Sgambaro
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Bigoli Nobili Mori Pasta (Sgambaro)

1.1 lb - Veneto, Italy

Mori - Spaghetti Bigoli Nobili Mori Pasta

The spaghetti Bigoli Nobili Mori pasta is absolutely fabulous! How is it possible that a pasta can taste this good? We don't know, but we love it! If you can have only one pasta, it might have to be this one!


Bigoli is a traditional pasta from the Veneto region of northeast Italy, and references to Bigoli date from the mid-1400s.


In 2002, Pastificio Sgambaro reintroduced its bronze-drawn Bigoli in three versions: Mori, Bianchi e Sottili, and al Radicchio Rosso. They gave these amazing pastas the name "Bigoli Nobili" to pay tribute to the best culinary traditions of the Veneto region.


Sgambaro "Mori" (dark) is made from the best durum semolina grown in Italy. The spaghetti Bigoli Nobili Mori pasta is slightly darker and denser than most pasta, and its surface has a rougher texture, perfect for encouraging sauces to cling - and the taste is special!